What is a Project in Folktale?

A Project in Folktale is a time-bound space for you to collect stories from your world.

Projects allow you to group your story requests and contributions together in a way that will allow you to analyse and track progress. This might be based on a location, an initiative, an event, or significant milestone.

⚠️Note: Only Folktale Admins are able to create new projects in a workspace.

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How to create a Project in Folktale

Step One: Click on Create New Project

There are several ways to create a new Project within your workspace

1. Via the Project menu

On Desktop

On the top navigation bar, click on the Project menu and select Create new project.

On Mobile

Click on your workspace name and select Create new project from the dropdown list.

2. Via Manage projects

Click on your workspace name to access the Workspace Menu.

Select Manage projects. Once you’re directed to the Projects page, click Create new project.

Step Two: Complete the project details

Click the heading to unhide each section or click next to move to the next section.

1. Configure your project

Add your project’s name and description.

2. Define your project’s goal

Define what you consider to be a successful outcome for this Folktale project.

Choose a target completion date.

3. Describe your usage

Select all boxes that apply. If you don’t find your preference on the list, please select Other and specify.

Ticking the Generate video caption files automatically in this project box will allow Folktale to generate automatic captions in each of the submitted stories.

Step Three: Click on Create this project

After reviewing the project details, click on Create this project to complete the process.

Once created, you can see it on the Project page and in your Project Menu under Active projects.

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