What is a Project in Folktale?

A Project in Folktale is a time-bound space for you to collect stories from your world.

Projects allow you to group your story requests and contributions together in a way that will allow you to analyse and track progress. This might be based on a location, an initiative, an event, or significant milestone.

Within your project, you are able to:

  • Create & manage invitations and story presets.

  • Upload custom terms and conditions

  • Manage automated caption settings

Who has access to Projects?

Folktale Admins

  • As an Admin, you can create and edit projects within your workspace.

  • Only Admins are able to create new projects.

Insights Managers

  • As an Insights Manager, you are able to view projects and create invitations, presets within projects.

  • Insights managers cannot create new projects nor edit existing projects.

Project Features

Within a project, both Admin and Insights Managers will be able to see:

Projects page

A page in your workspace that contains all Active and Completed projects

Project summary

A page that summarizes each projects' goal, submission rates, leaderboard.

A dashboard to support progress tracking of each project including a list of active story invitations, and project leaderboard

A page containing all active and completed story invitations for each project.

A page containing all active and inactive story presets for a project.

A space to track and manage stories in progress and send reminders to contributors.

Story Settings

The details and scope of your Project. These can be edited at any time.

Navigating Projects

Finding your project

To find your project, navigate to the Projects page by clicking on your workspace name and selecting Manage Projects.

Navigating around your project

Once you've selected your project, you can navigate to any of the Project features from the Project menu.

On Desktop

Click on the Project menu in the top navigation bar to access the dropdown list.

On Mobile

To access the Project menu from mobile, click on your workspace name. You will be able to access the Project menu from the dropdown list.

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