As an Admin, you are able to access and edit project specific settings from the Project Settings page.

Navigating to Project settings

To navigate to the Project Settings page

On Desktop

Navigate to the Project menu in the top navigation bar and select Project settings

On Mobile

On mobile, click on the workspace name to see the project menu in the dropdown list. Select Project settings.

Overview of Project Settings

About this project

In this section, you are able to change the description, goals and target completion dates of the selected project. Once you’re done, click Save settings to save the changes you’ve made.

If necessary, settings for automated caption generation can be amended.

Ticking the Generate video caption files automatically in this project box will enable automatic captions on all stories within the project.

It will still be possible to disable captions on each individual video within a project.

Automated caption generation can be turned off for the project by unchecking the box.

Custom terms and conditions can be amended for all invitations sent out within this project.

Read Uploading custom terms and conditions for more information

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