What is a Workspace in Folktale?

A Folktale Workspace is a place to create your own projects and invite your community to collaborate with you to share stories.

πŸ›ˆ See Introduction to workspaces in Folktale for more

Note: Each Folktale workspace requires its own subscription however you can explore Folktale through your new workspace by starting a 14 day free trial!

Creating a new Workspace

To create a workspace in Folktale you will need a Folktale account.

Step One: Click Create new workspace

There are a few different places you can create a workspace from:

Option 1: From the Folktale website: folktale.io

If you are a new user, you can create a new workspace from the Folktale website by clicking 'Get Started.'

Option 2: From the My Stories page

From your My Stories page, you can create a new workspace by signing into your Folktale account and clicking on the Folktale logo in the top navigation bar.

Option 3: From the Workspace menu

If you are already an Admin or Insights manager of an existing workspace, you can click on your workspace name to see the Workspace menu. From here you can click Create new workspace to create your own workspace.

Step Two: Define the primary way you intend to use story telling

Select the option of β€œWhat is the primary way you intend to use storytelling?” and click Confirm. You can choose more than one option for this.

Step Three: Configure your workspace

Complete the fields to configure your workspace:

Workspace Name and Description

Give your workspace a name and provide a description for your team.

Once you've completed the form, you can click Create Workspace.

Step Four: Select a Folktale plan that best suits your needs

To get started in your new workspace, you can opt to start a free trial, select a plan that suits you or speak to a Folktale sales representative.

πŸ›ˆ See this page for more information about Folktale pricing or contact our team at connect@folktale.io

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