FollowAnalytics proposes the Device Observer function which allows to display real-time logs getting out of your device. Therefore, it allows you to easily test if the FollowAnalytics SDK is well integrated into your apps and tests the tags and attributes you implemented in your applications. While using the device observer you have the possibility to check the details of the logs by clicking on a row generated by the Device Observer.

To access all this information. You first need to register your device.

How to set up a Test Device for testing an App?

First, you have to register your device as a test device and link it to your app in order to monitor real-time logs generated by our SDK.

Step 1 : Locate the Device Observer tab

Click on the button "Administration" located in the side menu on the left of your screen, then select the "Test Device" tab.

Step 2 : Register your device

Click on the button "Add New Device".
Then you need to choose the name you want to give to your device, write your Device ID if you know it and select the app you want to pair with.


If you do not know the Device ID, fill in your email address, a link will be sent to you. Open the e-mail with your test device and click on the link to access your ID Device.


Select your Test Device to open the Device Observer 

Once your Test Device is registered you can easily find it by using the "filter by app" drop-down menu.

You can also select the Test Device using the search engine as well.

Now your device is registered, you can now start a session in your app and observe your real-time logs!

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