For mobile and web apps, you can register your device on the platform. While creating a campaign, in the message section / in device preview, you will be able to add your devices. There is a button "+ Add device" at the bottom of the device list.

You will be asked to name your device and enter your device id. Click on Add and you are done !

But where can you get your device id ? This is where it gets tricky for web apps. The "Retrieve Device ID" button won't help you out, it is meant for mobile apps.

While regarding this article you can go checkout our website here and try to retrieve your device id !

You device id depends on the device and the browser you are using. Meaning, for instance, if you are making tests on your desktop, if you are using several browsers to test your website you will have several device ids (one for each browser of each device).

Your device id may change if you clear your browser's cache (it is the case on Chrome for instance).

How to get your device id on a desktop

There are 2 ways to get your device on a desktop that are common to all browsers.

Option 1

While you are on the website, type "==follow==". No need to open the inspector tool, just type it out of the blue on a website with our web SDK integrated. You will see a pop-up appear with your device id.

Option 2

Open the inspector and use FollowAnalytics methods to retrieve your device id.

How to get your device id on a mobile

You will need to inspect your web page on your mobile. For that you will need to connect your device to your computer to inspect the content of your website to use the method FollowAnalytics.getDeviceId() . The process to do that will depend on the browser you are using on your mobile device.

Please find hereafter an example : how to retrieve my device on Chrome browsers for mobile :

1 - Open Chrome on your computer and open chrome on your mobile with the website you wish to retrieve your device id for.

2 - Connect your mobile to your computer.

3 - Mobile : Allow debug though USB

4 - Desktop : On chrome, click on the settings menu (top right side of the inspector, next to the close button) / More tools / Remote devices

5 - Desktop : Pick your device at the bottom in the Remote devices menu that appeared the website you wish to inspect

6 - Desktop : A new window will appear, this window will allow you to inspect your mobile's webpage and use the method FollowAnalytics.getDeviceId()

If you have any question about how to register my device on web apps, please leave us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading !

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