For each app integrating the SDK you will have to launch several campaigns (the in-device preview is not enough) including different formats and different app statuses (send while the app is killed or while the app is awake in background).
Please find hereafter a template of test plan to run for each app integrating a FollowAnalytics SDK :

Please find here the Notification Test Plan for more details.

What results should I expect ?

Push : 

  • The push is displayed on the device 

  • Rich content is displayed when used. If not on iOS, check if you enabled rich notifications in your app

  • Deep-link : when used lands on the deep-link page if the push is opened


In-app : 

  • Shall not be displayed on the splash screen (this is a spammy and un-user friendly behaviour). To avoid that, pause and resume methods (*) shall be implemented in your app in order to pause the display of the in-app while the user is still on the splash screen.

  • In-app is displayed properly as expected (native, evaluation booster, template and custom web page)

  • Evaluation booster : check the in-app leads to your app on the store (when the app is published) after a positive answers to all questions


Push + in-app : 

  • Check the same points as listed above (*)

Pause and resume methods if not implemented could lead to unexpected behaviours due to the fact that your app is not properly initialized. Please refer to the developer documentation.
ie : if in-apps are not paused on the splash screen, the in-app is briefly displayed on the splash screen and disappears when the home screen is fully loaded

Logs received : 

Besides the fact that a campaign is sent and displayed properly on a device, it is important to make sure that the SDK has the proper permissions to retrieve campaign results. It is not necessary to check the following point for all your campaign tests. Once is enough.

Please wait for your sessions to be processed in order to see your logs displayed on the platform. It can take up from 5 to 30min.

  • Push :

Choose a push campaign that had been launched and for which you opened a push.
Make sure the percentage of opened push is populated.

If not retrieved, please check that you gave our SDK all permissions to access notifications.

  • In-app :

Choose an in-app campaign that had been launched and for which you have seen the in-app.

Make sure the in-app displayed comes up in the logs

If you have any question about how to test campaigns on mobile apps, please leave us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading !

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