How to add an app ?
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App creation is available for admins only. You can add an app from the Administration menu. 

Add an app

Click on the Add App button. 

A pop-up will appear allowing you to enter your basic app settings. 

Note for web apps: You will be asked to fill :

  • an app domain : Only fill in one app domain! You will be able to set all the others later.
    For instance if one of my website's URL is my app domain will be

  • a package name : The package name can be anything as long as in the SDK init code the package name is strictly the same as the value entered here.

Note for mobile apps : the package name/bundle ID will depend on the app environment.
Example :

  • Staging : com.follow.nameofyourapp.staging

  • QA : com.follow.nameofyourapp

  • Prod :

Common app settings 

QA app 

In Application Details you can set your app to QA if applicable.

This switch button only impacts the FollowAnalytics platform UI to help you easily identify which of your apps is QA.

App push limitation

In the "Application Details" you can set a limit to the number of push notifications to be sent to a user. This limit does not apply to transactional push notifications. As they are highly personalised, they will enhance the user's experience and are thus not counted towards the push limit.

This setting helps you manage marketing pressure (aka "spam"). 

API Key 

Set your API key in the API Keys menu. The API Key will allow your app to send logs to FollowAnalytics

  • Click on Generate new API Key

  • Set your API key (one is automatically suggested but you can edit it if needed)
    We recommend to use the same API Key for the same app (for all Prod, QA and Dev versions).

  • Your API Key is Active! Only one API Key is needed per app

GDPR settings

You will be asked to enter an email address to which you wish to forward all your users GDPR-related requests (data deletion, request my data...).
If you do not wish to parse emails to handle those requests, you can use our API.

Mobile app Push settings

This step is mandatory if you want push notifications to work on your mobile app.

For Android only: Enter your FCM Key in the Push settings menu. 

For iOS only: upload a valid .p12 push certificate or a .p8 auth key for your app.

.p12 needs to be generated with a prod provisioning profil in order to work. 

This is mandatory to be able to send push notifications on your iOS app regardless of the SDK version used in your app.
Once your certificate is uploaded check the expiration date.

Important: Try to send yourself a push once your setup is completed in the device observer to make sure everything is working as expected.

Web app settings

For web apps App domains can be entered one at a time. You can add an app domains by using the Add new domain button.

For instance if one of my website's URL is my app domain will be

For dev apps it is also important to enter local app domains (ie : localhost) , otherwise developers will get an error while testing their website!

If you have any question about how to add an app, please leave us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading 

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