Here are some important advice to be taken into account while creating your tagging plan:

  • Limit the number of event names: Do not use variables as event names, or at least make sure that if you have a product reference or any information that has a somewhat large set of value, these values are passed as the details parameter.
  • Make sure the number of details value is finite: The details field is here to help you look at the distribution of some values for a given event. It is a string field, so do not cast Integers into it for instance.Use it for product identifier, name, etc.Don't use it for a duration, a randomly generated value, etc.Remember: values passed here are going to be listed in the FA UI.
  • Do not cast numbers or dates into strings to pass them as event names, details or string attributes. These fields are meant to be considered and used as textual values, you won't be able to use them as numbers or dates.
  • Use the device observer to check your logs. You will see them printed in the console real-time. For instance, make sure that they are called when needed, and not multiple times.

Dealing with Attributes should follow roughly the same rules:

  • Ensure you have a relatively small number of keys,
  • Double check the types you are using for each of them,
  • Check your attributes had been processed. Please refer to dedicated article
  • Keep a small set of possible values for String attributes to simplify their management later on.

Thanks for reading ! 

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