Until now, we have only supported apple push certificate (.p12) for push notifications on iOS apps. Now, we also support apple authentication key (.p8). The p8 key file works for all your apps (ie. 1 key file can send push notification to all of your apps), in both development and production environment (no need to switch between certificates), and best of all, it doesn’t expire!

Prerequisite : 

  • Generate a P12 certificate signed with a prod provisioning profile or get your P8 key file

  • Have a FollowAnalytics account that can manage push certificates

How to upload push certificate ?

  • In the FollowAnalytics Platform, Select the Administration Menu then select the "Apps" Tab.

  • Select the application you want to update the certificate

  • Click on "push" Tab, then you will see the last certificate uploaded with the date of validity

  • If you want to update the certificate , drag and drop the new one in the dedicated area or browse the file by clicking on blue button "Browse File"

  • If you use a p12 certificate , you have to enter the authentication key related to the certificate 

  • If you use p8 key file , you have to enter authentication key, key Id and Issuer Id that you can retrieve your apple developer account

That's it ! Your certificate is uploaded. You can now test the push notification.  

We also made an article to help you test the push notifications 

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