FollowAnalytics proposes the Device Observer function which allows to display real-time logs getting out of your device. Therefore, it allows you to easily test if the FollowAnalytics SDK is well integrated into your apps and tests the tags and attributes you implemented in your applications.

While using the device observer you have the possibility to check the details of the logs by clicking on a row generated by the Device Observer.

It is important to mention that, the latest version of the FA device observer has a simplified mode, that displays only: session information, event logs, attributes and campaign logs. If you would like to make general analysis you can use the simple mode that keeps only relevant logs that help you to validate the tagging plan and to do regular checks after SDK integration. In case you need detailed analysis the Verbose mode needs to be activated. 

Check if the device is opt-in

In order to check if your device is opt-in for push notifications, you need to turn on the Verbose mode, navigate inside the application, then in the search bar under the Verbose activation button write - "opt-in" and the platform will filter the logs according to this word. Then you click on the logs that came up and search for the opt-in information as given in the following screenshot.

As you may see, "optInPush" is true which means that your device is opt-in for notifications.

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