In order to check if your customer attributes are correctly integrated, you will need to fulfil 2 following steps:

STEP 1: You need to trigger all your attributes in the mobile application and by using the FollowAnalytics device observer check if they come up as logs or not ( To see in a more detailed way what is the device observer and how it works, please refer to the existing articles). This means that, whenever you trigger any of your customer attributes - for example, change the city or country in your application, you should see the applied changes in a real time via device observer. You don't even need to activate the Verbose Mode to check this.
As you can see on the screenshot below, the attributes show up with their names and details.  In that way you can check if your attributes are correctly integrated.  

STEP 2:  
The second step while checking your attributes is to go to the Administration part of FA platform > Choose the correct app > Click on Profile Data > Open the attributes' group for the app that you are testing > Click on Explore > Indicate your Device ID > Click on Search System of Records. After this, you will see all the customer attributes that you have triggered inside the application with the corresponding details such as attribute type, current value and last modification date. Having attributes in this list means that your attributes are correctly set and they show up. 

Take into the consideration that attributes will not appear instantly, it may take some time to appear the list of triggered attributes. If this is not the case and you do not see any attributes even after some time, check that you have correctly followed the FA documentation regarding attribute integration or refer to your CSM to investigate your problem in a more detailed way.

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