Deeplinks can be used to direct your end-users to a specific page. This is especially useful to promote a feature or a product for instance.

Deeplink structure

 Deeplinks are included by default in Build Mobile apps. Their format are the following: <BundleId>://<URL>

The <BundleId> is the technical name of your application. It can be retrieved from the Administration panel in FollowAnalytics.

Since the app is based on the website, <URL> is the same as the website's landing page without https://!


To redirect a user to the product page in the eCommerce app (bundle ID = com.ecommerce.demo), the deeplink to set in the campaign editor will be the following:

Advanced - Use of UTM


The use of UTMs will allows to measure the performance of your campaigns / redirection links. If a Mobile app is leveraging a website already using UTMs, the same structure can be used for the deeplink <URL>.

Example of UTM :

Deeplink to use in FollowAnalytics : com.ecommerce.demo://

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