If you are reading this article this means that you successfully purchased our App Builder and you are now wondering how you can track your future app performance!

Tracking in FollowAnalytics

FollowAnalytics is not only an App Builder. This is also a powerful Engagement and Retention tool you will benefit from once your app will be live!

It is crucial to have your key KPIs tracked if you want to measure the performance in FollowAnalytics, but more importantly to setup crucial use cases (push and in-app campaigns) to achieve your business goals.

Example: To achieve an abandoned cart use case you will need to track all steps of the checkout process.

Let's know more on how you can do this...

Types of data the FollowAnalytics platform can track

The FollowAnalytics platform can track 4 types of data:

  1. Usage data (time spent in the app, device language, OS, number of sessions...)

  2. Crash data (crash log, name, frequency...)

  3. Behavioural data (screens viewed, buttons clicked...)

  4. Attributes (CRM data linked to the profile: birthdate, first name, membership type, voucher expiry date...)

Please note the FollowAnalytics solution is a device centric solution. This means that we are generating our own ids to differentiate one device from another. It is of course possible to relate this id to an user id from the customer side (Contact ID from Salesforce or any other relevant id) so that you can map FollowAnalytics data with any external system of your choice.

Types of data included by default in your Build App

Usage and Crash data are both included by default in the App Builder without any action needed from the customer.

An user id is also included in the Subscription but the ID shall be accessible from the website browser. It is customer's responsibilities to indicate to our dev team where to find the ID to track.

Behavioural data and attributes are not included by default. If you require FollowAnalytics to add those types of data in your app, it may be subject to an additional costs.

How can you track more in FollowAnalytics?

Behavioural data and attributes are not included by default but there is a way for you to track these from the website.

Our SDK bridge allow our customers to implement tags directly in the website. The website development team will implement the appropriate FollowAnalytics methods to add events, errors, attributes...

This solution brings a lot of flexibility to our customers. Any change done on your website will automatically be reflected on both iOS and Android apps generated through our App Builder. Your data will remain consistent through all your user base.

Our APIs or FollowAnalytics UI can also allow you to add more attributes without involving our App Builder. This type of integration also requires some effort from the customer's technical team.

Tracking outside FollowAnalytics

If your aim is to use another analytics SDK for tracking purposes (Appsflyer, Adjust, Branch, Google Analytics or any other solution), please bring it to your CSM attention as it requires specific technical integration!

This part has to be clearly scoped and may be subjected to additional costs if not brought up during the pre-sales phase.

If you have any questions related to this article please do not hesitate to get in touch with your CSM.

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