If you are reading this article it means that you are currently setting up our Web SDK on your website. If you encounter any issues during the integration, this checklist will help you to debug those quickly.

✅ Is the Web SDK initialised on the webpage you are testing?

An easy way to find out is to try in the console to use one of our FollowAnalytics methods to check it is well recognised

👌 If the web SDK is initialised on the page you should be able to retrieve your device ID.

❌ If the method is not defined it means the SDK is not initialised.

In that case we invite you to check the SDK is initialised on the page you are checking, we advise you to proceed to the initialisation in the header of the website so that you do not forget to load it on all pages of your website.

Please refer to the documentation here for more information.

✅ Is my setup coherent with the information set in FollowAnalytics UI?

A mismatch between your bundle / API Key as well as an undeclared app domain can lead to some errors. Please check the consistency of the web app information setup in FollowAnalytics UI.

👌 If your bundle, API key and app domains are all declared you can proceed to the next step

In the example below the bundle is com.ecommerce.website.demo and the API Key is nB0JjjVLruHERg. These information should be used in the initialisation method, please refer to the documentation here.

Note: You do not need to enter the https:// to declare your app domain.

❌ If you notice a mismatch or some information missing. Please make the associated modifications and resume your testing.

✅ Is my computer using a proxy that could prevent logs to be sent to FollowAnalytics?

With the previous checks you should be able to see your logs in the Device Observer. If it's not the case yet, please check some internal constraint such as proxies and firewalls that may prevent the SDK to send logs to our servers.

👌 If you can see log from the device observer please proceed to the next step

❌ If no logs are shown in the device observer while navigating please double check you are checking the correct device id and if you see some errors in the inspector related to our service

✅ I cannot register for push notifications

Push notifications are handled by a Service Worker. For a Service Worker to function properly:

  • use https (Service Workers cannot work on http URLs - the only exception being localhost through the development phase)

  • ensure unicity of your Service Worker (1 Service Worker per website), please follow the documentation here either to enable our own service worker or to add our capabilities to your existing Service Worker.

👌 Check if the Service Worker is running in Inspector tools > Application > Service worker.

If it is running you should be able to trigger the push authorisation pop-up thanks to the method FollowAnalytics.registerForPushNotifications()

❌ If you cannot display this notification request pop-up, double check all conditions are fulfilled for the Service Worker to function, then make sure are eligible to see this pop-up (if you already have notifications enabled it will not work (see screenshot below)

✅ I get an error while sending a push to my device

After you have registered your device for push notifications, you try to send a web push

👌 You received the web push

❌ If you did not succeed in displaying the web push please note the following important points:

  • FollowAnalytics needs up to 10 minutes after push acceptance to process your token

  • There is 1 device ID per combinaison device / browser (hence if you have the same computer running sessions on Firefox and Chrome, you will have 2 device ids to target)

  • The web push is displayed only few seconds on desktop

  • Make sure you are targeting the correct device ID as it may change throughout your tests (for instance on Chrome, cleaning your cache will lead to a device change - if you try targeting your old device id you will have a 410 error)

Congratulations 🎉

You should have successfully troubleshooted your web SDK integration

In case you did not solve your issue following the steps described above, please contact your CSM

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