If you are reading this article it means that you are currently setting up our Mobile SDK on your plateforme FollowAnalytics. If you encounter any issues during the integration, this checklist will help you to debug those quickly.

✅ Is the Mobile SDK initialised with the information set in the Administration panel?

FollowAnalytics will process your data if your application has the correct key to send us logs. You must check that your bundle / package name matches the API Key set.

👌 If the API key in the admin panel matches the one defined in your FollowAnalytics SDK init, you can see logs in the device observer, so your data will be displayed.

❌ If the API Key in the Administration panel does not match the one set in your FollowAnalytics SDK init, you will see logs in the device observer but your data will never be processed. In that case, change your API in your SDK Init and resume your testing.

Note: refer to the field FAID in the device observer (verbose mode enabled) to check your API Key real-time.

✅ Is the initialisation of the SDK done in the right place?

Please check the technical documentation. (iOS = App Delegate, Android = Manifest ...).

👌 If the init is in the right place. The FollowAnalytics SDK should be initialised as early as possible in your app delegate / manifest. This will allow our SDK to properly function.

❌ Init issue symptoms:

  • crash if you try to call a FollowAnalytics method (to log an event for instance),

  • inability to register your device

  • no call to FollowAnalytics services in your console (xcode / android studio)

In this case please review how the SDK is initialised and resume your testing.

✅ Can I register my device?

Registering your device is a mandatory step to move on to the next steps, please make sure you can register your device before moving forward.

👌 If you are able to register your device id

❌ Possible causes if you cannot register you device:

  • Incorrect app selected in the UI / installed > a mismatch between the app selected on the UI and the installed app will make you unable to open the link

  • For iOS only: URL scheme was not properly setup

  • You read this article too quickly and the SDK is not initialised!

Please fix the issues mentioned above and resume your testing.

✅ Are my sessions coming up properly?

👌 The aim is to check sessions are properly detected by our SDK. It can be check if you see the log FALogNameStartSession after opening your app.
An example below

✅ Are the campaigns Push notifications working correctly?

After registering your device, you will be able to test the different campaign formats available in FollowAnalytics.

First, make sure that your smartphone is opt-in to push notifications for this application (by default opt-in on Android, on iOS you have to accept push notifications). You can check this from the device settings, in the notification menu.

You'll need to test simple Push Notifications, Push Notifications with rich content (requires a specific implementation on iOS), and all the features implemented to accomplish your desired use-cases (deep-linking, custom behaviors, etc. > See iOS & Android technical documentation).

How to proceed :

  • After checking your opt-in status in the parameters and doing your first sessions on the app, wait 10-15 minutes and send you a test push by using the button "Send push notification" available in the device observer

  • If the test push is working fine, use the in-device preview from the campaign editor to test your custom features. More information about push editable fields here

Note : In the campaign editor, you can target a registered device through "In device preview" . If you choose to test on real sending conditions, please be sure that you are targeting the desired audience.

An internal audience can be selected from device ID or user ID filters (check example below)

👌 If you received the push notifications with all options you implemented

❌ If you waited long enough for your token to come up but still did not receive the push. Please check possible causes of non reception listed in this article

Congratulations 🎉

All the 5 steps above that can be applied to any of our mobile SDKs

In case you did not solve your issue following these steps, please contact your CSM

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