Please acknowledge you will need Admin permissions to invite your users and manage their permissions.

✅ Locate the Users management tab

  • Go to Administration (1) > Users (2)

Create a user

  • Invite a new User (3) - you only need to fill in the form below and click on Invite User at the bottom right of the pop-up. Only the Teams field is not mandatory. All information apart from the email can be edited after user's creation.

Perform general management

Manage existing users profiles such as delete a user or resend the invitation if your user did not activate its account yet

✅ Advanced : Change specific user settings

If you click on a specific user, you can manage its profile permissions

User details

In the User details tab you will be able to change general setting of the user (First name, name, team, enable / disable Admin permissions).

Note the email cannot be edited. If the email of your user has changed you will need to create a new user.


In the Permissions tab you can customise which features the user should have access to.

App access

In the App access tab you can allow or deny access to specific application for this user.

Save your changes when you are done at the bottom right of the screen and you will be all set.

Thanks for reading!

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