The Apple store offers a broad range of tools to allow its customers to test their mobile application safely before releasing it publicly. This article will help you understand how this works.

If you read this article it means that you are currently working with your CSM on your Staging mobile application. Now you are closer to submission, it is important you understand how to run your final QA on your Production application.

Once your CSM has your go, our development team will upload the app on the App store.

✅ Locate the Testflight management tab

In Apple Store Connect

  • Select My Apps

  • Click on the app you want to test.

  • Click on the Testflight tab, you land on the iOS section. This is were you can see builds uploaded for your application per app version.

✅ Understand Testflight options

Internal testing

Internal testing can be used to share the mobile app among a small group of trusted testers (FollowAnalytics and internal project members). The main advantage is that you do not need the store to perform full review before starting internal testing!

Please note:

  • You can start testing immediately after the mobile has been uploaded

  • There is a hard limit of 100 testers

  • You can only invite users that are already part of your App Store Connect (the level of permissions - App Manager, Marketing, Sales... - does not matter). Click here to invite new users, then do not forget to add these users to the internal group of testers (Internal Group > App Store Connect Users)


  • Download the Testflight app on your iOS device.

  • Click on the link received by email on your iOS device. It will make your app available in Testflight for download.

Keep Testflight installed! You will receive an automatic notification as soon as a new Build is available for testing.

External testing

External testing is useful if you need to share the application to a specific group of users (consultants, VIP customers, a large audience of internal testers...) without publishing the app on the store.

Please note:

  • You need your application to be reviewed and approved by Apple to start external testing

  • There is a hard limit of 10 000 testers

  • There are 2 ways to share the mobile app: through email - more private- ; through a public link - anyone with the link can download the app -

  • Make sure to fill Beta test information (General information > Test information). It will allow you to provide more information about the features to test and whom to contact to share feedback on this app version.


  • Download the Testflight app on your iOS device.

  • Depending on the way the link was shared. Either click on the link received by email or the public link provided for testing. It will make your app available in Testflight for download.

⚠ IMPORTANT: For private invitations (targeting specific emails), please ensure the Apple ID used on the device is the same one as the email used to add the user to the group of testers.

If you have any questions related to this article please do not hesitate to get in touch with your CSM.

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