Universal linking is the possibility to seamlessly open information from your website directly to your mobile app. Basically it will consolidate the link and display the information according to the device you use; in our case your app!

It is important to know that all deep-links work by associating a domain. Please mention to your Customer Success Manager all the different URLs that will need to redirect to the app.

If you are using a third party company to handle your marketing campaign and this company redirects to your website, you will have to provide us with that information as well.


We will create for you a Manifest file so that you can implement it on your servers. For more details on how to do so click [here]


Our team will create for you a .json file, following that you will upload it to your website ' server. For more details please click [here]

Important to note 😁

*If you use any email marketing partners, it is very important for you to communicate that information to your CSM. These partners often redirect you through their web domain before brining your users on your website (hub-spot, mail chimp, salesforce, etc)

*Universal Linking only works with HTTPS (Secured), make sure that the domain you want us to whitelist has this criteria, this also applies for your email marketing partners.

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