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Understanding your Apps environments
Understanding your Apps environments

This article will help you better acknowledge why it is important to have several environments and the terminology associated to it

Written by Olivia Gabon
Updated over a week ago

Let's take the example of an e-commerce website:

While building a mobile application, 3 mobile apps will need to be generated as per the table below :

E-commerce Store

is the application dedicated for the Store release. It will collect all your production data and reflect what your customers will witness by downloading the app from the Stores.

➡️. Can be downloaded from the App Store / Google Play or its internal testing tools.

E-commerce QA

is the application dedicated for testing based on the production assets.

Using a different bundle is necessary to not pollute the production data throughout the development and testing phases.

➡️. Can be downloaded from FollowAnalytics internal store.

Note: Testing on your QA app cannot replace testing on your Store App! As they are different applications it is important to perform non regression tests.

E-commerce Staging

is a copy of the Production based apps, leveraging the Staging website assets.

This application is vital for the mobile app maintenance throughout the RUN phase of the project. It helps our customers to anticipate autonomously potential side effects of their website releases on their mobile application .

➡️. Can be downloaded from FollowAnalytics internal store.

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