With iOS 14.5, users will see new pop-ups appearing when opening applications.

Two choices are available: accept, or refuse to be tracked. If they refuse the tracking, apps won’t be able to offer targeted advertising to the user within other apps.

Accepting tracking will allow the mobile app the track users across apps/websites owned by other companies and access the IDFA (advertising identifier) of the device.

How does FollowAnalytics fit into this?

Since the beginning, FollowAnalytics has chosen not to use tracking identifiers that could be tied directly to a user if a data breach occurred. No third party is involved.

Hence Analyze & Engage solely use will not require you to display this Tracking consent pop-up. Though you will still need to update the Apple App Confidentiality Card with the information tracked by FollowAnalytics.

Detailed technical documentation on the data collected can be provided upon customer request. The document will be tailored to your tagging plan and follows all Apple’s requests for app transparency

What should I do?

Your website has to provide an option to deactivate all cookie tracking! This is requirement for the ATT request to work properly. If the user does not want to be tracked... We should not track him right?

Developers must declare all types of ad tracking via the App Confidentiality Card on the App Store. Any kind of tracking must therefore be explicitly authorized by the end-user. Any infringement will result in the app being removed from the App Store.

What should be declared: any analytics, attribution, or any kind of ad network

tracking even through a webview.

You can find the list of types of data here.


If your app is already live the Apple App Confidentiality Card still needs to be updated, your next app update will need to include the above changes to be compliant with Apple Transparency policy.

If your app is an internal/private community app, the Apple Transparency policy still applies and an update will be requested to add this consent pop-up.

If you plan to use any Attribution framework or service, you'll need to implement SKAdNetwork from Apple.

As stated by Apple, one of the big points is the cross-referencing of data from apps, sites, or any offline properties not owned by you.

For more information please check Apple’s App privacy details on the App Store.

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