Once the Google Analytics integration has been done on GA and the Datalayer populated on the application, here are the steps to follow in order to check if it has been implemented correctly:

➡️ Log in to your GA platform

➡️ Select Customization > then Custom Report (see screenshot)

➡️ Click on "+ New custom report" (see screenshot)

➡️ Add a metric, for example "session" (see screenshot)

➡️ Add a dimension that matches your search (see screenshot)

➡️ Click on save (see screenshot)

🎉 Congratulations, you have just created a "Custom report" 🎉

➡️ Click on the custom report you have just created (see screenshot)

✅ You will see the dashboard of your custom report with the OS: (Web/iOS/Android)

✅ If you have statistics that appear then the integration has been done 🎉

Thank you for reading the article

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