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Account Deletion within Apps
Account Deletion within Apps

All apps that allow account creation must also allow users to initiate account deletion from within the app

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Apple has published an update to their App Store Review Guidelines that states that apps that enable users to create an account in the app must also allow users to delete that account from within the app. This requirement applies to all app submissions starting January 31, 2022. Apps that don’t comply with this requirement risk having their update be rejected by Apple during the submission process.

What does it mean for you? There are two situations to consider:

1. Your website supports deletion of user accounts.

In this case, we need to make sure that we can access this functionality from the app without any limitations. Testing will be required from your side and our side to make sure that the deletion account feature works properly in the app. If there are any limitations blocking the user from being able to delete his/her account, we will engage in further discussions with you and create an action plan to resolve them.

2. Your website does not support deletion of user accounts.

In this case, it is highly recommended that you implement this feature on the website to comply with Apple’s new guidelines. Alternatively, we can work together to implement a more native solution to enable account deletion that will require custom work on our end as well as custom work on your website (backend). To help you with testing this functionality on the app, here are some critical test cases you can use:

  • Validate that users can successfully delete their account from within the app.

  • Validate that users can’t re-login to the account in the app if the account is deleted.

  • Validate that if users delete their account on the Web, they shouldn’t be able to access their account in the app even though they were previously logged in.

Please feel free to reach out to your CSM if you have any further questions!

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