Entering raffles is easy. Check out the list of releases with open raffles on the page and choose which model(s) you want to rock next. Then click on “See details” and choose your size. (If you have any doubts about your fit just drop us a line at help@footshop.eu and we will be happy to share our experience.) Once you have selected your size, click on “Enter raffle now.”

Fill out all the info required. We need all these details for order creation. Because we want you to get your hands (or feet) on your new sneakers as soon as possible, we are creating orders immediately after the winners are drawn. For the same reason, your credit card information is required. Our system blocks the money (0-1€ maximum) from the point you enter the raffle until the winners are selected. Once the selection is done, and you are not the one taking away a new shiny pair of sneakers, we will release the funds that were blocked. The transaction should be processed by your bank on the same or on the following day. Some banks do not allow us to unblock the money right away - in that case money will be unblocked after seven days from your raffle entry.

Now off you go to try your luck. We are keeping our fingers crossed for you.

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