To reserve a new product for exchange: if the size you’re looking for is available, just place a new order on it and enter the number of your original order in the note section - remember, if there is no note, the system does not know that it is a replacement.
Select to pay with a credit card/ cash on delivery or bank transfer if available but close the window after confirming the order (the last step is when the only thing you can do is insert your card information).

You should receive a new order confirmation if you do it correctly.
When we receive the goods back, we'll process them and ship the new order.

Send unfit goods to:

  1. EU orders: Footshop Sklad, U tabulky 3020, hala X, 193 00 Prague 20, Czech Republic
  2. US orders: Footshop 4803, Shopex Limited, LLC, 2220 E. Bijou St., Ste 158, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, USA

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