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What does this feature do?

The assumptions page is where your financial model lives. It is also the only page on the platform with inputs. The assumptions page splits your financial model into the 6 sections along the left-hand side: Revenue Streams, Customer Acquisition, Hiring Plan, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities, and Equity

Why should I care?

The only way to affect your financial model is by interacting with metrics on the assumptions page.

Where can I find it?

Assumptions is its own page within the platform that can be traveled to from any page view by navigating to the Forecastr logo in the top-left corner and clicking the word “Assumptions” immediately to the right of the logo.

How should I use it?

Navigate to each section of the assumptions page and create objects to describe your business’s various functionality. If the items are already created, you’ll simply need to fill in the metrics that can be found by clicking the 3 dot menu next to an object and then clicking “edit” to open the drawer where your metrics live.


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