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What does this feature do?

The data table shows the initial value you’ve assigned to your input metrics and shows the mathematical representation of assumptions applied to those inputs in a table format.

Why should I care?

You’ll notice that in the drawer you do not fill in every month’s values individually. Instead, you input a starting value and then apply “assumptions” to your input metrics which shape them in some way over time. In order to see the effects of these assumptions on your initial value as time goes forward, it is necessary to use the data table across different time horizons to ensure your financial model tells an accurate story based on your data/ expectations.

Where can I find it?

The data table is found in any section of the assumptions page, below the graph at the top of the page. The data table can also be found on any section within the financials page.

How should I use it?

Use your data table by clicking the “expansion” icon located to the left of a line item or category. This icon is a plus symbol within a square. Expanding a category will allow you to see individual line items within the data table. Expanding a line item will then allow you to see individual metrics within that object. Use your data table to review an object within the model and see how or why it changes over time.


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