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This video is effectively a one-stop shop of the other "Forecastr: Features Explained" videos and walks through each concept in order as if we were on a live kickoff call.

After watching this video you'll have a full understanding of the following: navigating each tab of the platform, navigating each section of your financial model, adding/ editing /deleting objects within the financial model, distinguishing between input metrics (levers) and output metrics (calculations/ formulas), and adding assumptions (changes over time) to input metrics in order to shape growth behaviors in your financial model.

As always, there's anything this video doesn't make 100% clear and you still have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us over intercom and we'll always be more than happy to jump in and help!

Some Time Stamps to Help Out:

High Level Overview: 0:01-05:30

Adding Objects: 05:31-06:32

Pre-Builds / Build Types: 06:33-07:35

Input Metrics: 07:36-11:24

Editing Existing Objects / Deleting Existing Objects: 11:25-11:45

Assumptions / Change Types for Input Metrics: 13:52-20:43

Output Metrics (Calculations / Formulas): 21:00-24:07

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