This video will walk through how to update your ending cash balance each month so you can keep an accurate assessment of runway and forecasted cash balance.

The video walkthrough touches very briefly on updating your model using manual table edits but it assumes you already know how to do this. A full article explaining and demonstrating this feature can be found below in "Commonly Related Features:".

Key Takeaways:

  • In the current version of the platform, whenever you make updates to your ending cash balance, it will be necessary to also update your accumulated retained earnings balance for the same month- otherwise your balance sheet won't balance. This won't be the case in future platform releases.

  • To update your cash balance and balance your balance sheet you'll need to do the following:

    • 1) Manually Edit the Value for your previous Month's "Ending Cash".

    • 2) Navigate to the "Financials Tab" and then "Balance Sheet"

    • 3) Use the "CSV Download Button" located in the upper-right corner of the screen to download the balance sheet in the monthly view.

    • 4) Create a formula in the csv file that you will use to subtract "Liabilities & Equity" from the "Assets" value. It should look like this:

    • "=Cell with Asset Value-Cell with Liabilities & Equity Value".

    • 5) Navigate to the "Assumptions Tab" > Equity Section and Expand the "Accumulated Retained Earnings Object".

    • 6) Double Click the top line, "Accumulated Retained Earnings" for the month we're working on and copy that exact value.

    • 7) Place the copied value into the cell below the value we found in step 4 (on the same CSV sheet).

    • 8) Add the Items from Step 7 and Step 4 together.

    • 9) Copy the new value we obtained in step 8 as a manual override into the data table we navigated to in Steps 5 and 6.

    • 10) Your balance sheet is now balanced and your cash field is updated so that your forecast is now using the most recent cash balance.

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