Key Takeaways from the Video:

  • In order to locate your fundraising target you need to navigate to your Financials tab > Statement of Cash Flows section> and then make sure you're in the monthly view. Next, extend the view out as far as you can and look for two things (reference as well the screenshot below):

    • 1) The first, sustained, positive (or "black") change in cash value.

    • 2) Now, look at the red, ending cash value in the month prior to the month where you found your first, sustained, positive change in cash- this is your fund raising target / funds needed / amount the model is justifying in a raise based on your revenue and expenses.

  • This video provides a straightforward way to find the amount of funds you need, and the process is the same at any stage but it also highlights that real life may not be as straightforward as "I don't have enough money when I'm starting the model, and will be raising enough money to never need money again".

    • Because of this, you'll need to understand your financial model- because how much cash you have is a consequence of revenue and expenses, you'll need to feel comfortable knowing where / how to adjust the revenue targets in your model (mostly by manipulating customer acquisition) and where / how to adjust your expenses in case you need to cut them temporarily to make it to your next round / revenue pickup.


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