When your GoDaddy domain is set up correctly yourdomain.com will load your Format site with https://www.yourdomain.com  showing in the address bar.

Throughout this guide we are using the example custom domain name janedovercourt.com with the Format Address of jane-dovercourt.format.com

These are EXAMPLES ONLY you will replace these with your own unique Format address and custom domain name.

Format Domain settings

  1. From your left sidebar tap 'Settings'

  2. Tap 'Domain and Email'

  3. Scroll dow to Format Address

  4. Enter your unique website domain name this is known as your Format address

  5. The Website Domain will show your Format address

  6. Tap 'Connect Your Domain' enter your existing registered domain name (replace yourdomain.com with your actual custom domain name)

  7. 'Save Changes'

Add existing domain name

  1. Enter your existing custom domain name

  2. Link to instructions (shown below)

  3. 'Save Changes'

Sign in to GoDaddy.com

  1. Go to 'My Products'

  2. Locate the domain you are wanting to connect

  3. Tap ellipse icon to access menu

  1. Menu activated

  2. Tap 'Manage DNS'

Access the DNS Records area

  1. Locate the row with CNAME set to Name www and value of yourdomain.com.

  2. Tap edit (pencil) icon

Add your Format address

  1. Add your Format address. Do not use our example jane-dovercourt.format.com.

  2. 'Save' Changes

Set Forwarding

  1. Forward to (drop-down): http://

  2. Forward to (text field): www. followed by your domain name (all lower case)

  3. Redirect type: 301 (Permanent)

  4. Forward settings: Forward only

  5. Save

If there are existing entries here you will need to delete them. It can take several minutes before GoDaddy will let you make changes after deleting forwarding.

  1. Example of how Forwarding should appear (but with your custom domain name, not janedovercourt.com).

An Action needed or Success ribbon will appear toward the top of the page.

Click Save Changes or follow any other instructions

Connection time

Sometimes it can take as long as 24 hours for your website to be connected to your domain.

Still not working?

If your domain is still not working, please send us a secure Domain Help Request so we can assist you.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at info@format.com We’re here to help!

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