Upload directly to your Format site with Format Publisher plugin for Capture One 12 or later

This is for macOS only.

Download the Capture One Format Publisher plugin

Use this download link for the latest version of the Format Publisher for Capture One 12 or later plugin.

Your browser may give you a warning about the ZIP file being downloaded but it is safe to continue downloading and extracting.

  1. The latest version of the Format Publisher plugin will appear as a .zip file

  2. Extract the plugin

Install and activate

Go to the top menu bar 'Capture One 12' > 'Preferences…'

  1. Tap the 'Plugins' icon (top, far-right)

  2. Tap the '+' icon to add

  3. Navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded Format.coplugin

  4. Select the plugin file

  5. Tap 'Open' to install

  1. Tap the 'Format' plugin icon in the left panel to activate the settings section in the right panel (if not already showing)

  2. If you don't have a Format portfolio site yet, start a free trial by following this link

  3. If you already have a Format account, please enter your email and password

  4. Tap 'Log In' to connect Capture One 12 or later to your Format account

  1. Successfully connected to your Format account

Publish images to your site

When you are ready to publish your images

  1. Tap the top menu 'Image' link to activate the dropdown menu

  2. Hover over 'Publish' text

  3. The 'Publish to Format' side option will appear, tap to activate

Select site for upload

The 'Publish to Format' window will appear with the available options shown across to top

  1. Select Page for Upload > the 'Site' dropdown allows you to choose which Format site to upload to (if you have multiple sites)

  1. Use the 'Page' dropdown 'v' to select from an existing Gallery or Client Galleries or

  2. Use the dropdown to '+ Create New Gallery' or '+ Create New Client Gallery'

  1. When creating a new Gallery or Client Gallery, enter a Page Name. This will be created within your Format dashboard

When Publishing to a Gallery Page there is no need to use the largest image file size.

We recommend:

  • Format: JPEG 8bit (not editable)

  • Quality: 95

  • ICC Profile: sRGB Color Space Profile

  • Resolution 96 px/in

  • Scale: Height at 2500px

For more information on why we recommend these image sizes please see our preparing your images for Format guide.

Basic settings for Client Galleries

When publishing to a Client Gallery where your client will download the final high resolution images, you will want to export at the same quality level you would normally use for supplying the final images.

We recommend:

  • Format: JPEG 8bit (not editable)

  • Quality: 100

  • ICC Profile: sRGB Color Space Profile (Adobe RGB Profile is also available)

  • Resolution 300 px/in

  • Scale: Fixed at 100%


The Adjustments panel allows you to adjust crop values and sharpening (if necessary).


You can include metadata that is already embedded within the JPG image but this will not be used anywhere within the Format app.


You can include a Text or Image watermark on your images before publishing.

If you are uploading to a Client Gallery we recommend leaving the watermark set as 'None' as you have more control in the Format Dashboard > Client Galleries > Settings for adding a watermark.

See our Watermark Editor article for more information.

Publishing activities

  1. Once all settings have been made you are ready to 'Publish'

  1. The activity indicator will show you the progress of the published images

Republishing an edited image

Republishing an image will not overwrite the original image. You will need to delete the original image from the Gallery page or client gallery.


The image file name should have no empty spaces between words or numbers, beach 12345.raw will error on export to a Client Gallery.

  1. Shows image file name with no space: ls7613.dng

  2. If you need a space between name and numbering sequence use a hyphen '-' or underscore '_' as shown mgh_3425.dng

  3. We are unable to sync back any 'favorited' images from client galleries back to Capture One. It would require going to the Client Galleries > Activity panel and exporting a list as a CSV file or thumbnail sheet of the images favorited by the client and then refining their selection in Capture One.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at info@format.com We’re here to help!

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