This guide is based on quick written steps to update the Format Publisher for Lightroom to the latest version.

You will already be familiar with how to install, or can refer to our original setup article here.

Quick steps

  1. From the Lightroom Plug-in Manager

  2. Select 'Format' plugin

  3. Go to Status > Disable

  4. Tap 'Check for updates' if one available

  5. Tap 'Download latest version'

  6. Tap 'Show in Finder' (to allow you to open up the location where the plugin is stored.

  7. Then in the lower left corner 'Remove' the plugin

You can also Download new copy of Format Plugin from

Then 'Unzip' the plugin

  1. Move the new version of the plugin into the Open Folder location (for the plugin)

  2. Remove the older version/s

  1. Go back to Lightroom Plug-in Manager

  2. Add and select the plugin from the folder saved to.

  3. If the plugin is showing as Disabled when you add please Enable.

  4. Then 'Reload Plug-in'

  5. Close

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