Importing (also known as 'copying' or 'duplicating') an image from an existing Format page saves re-uploading.

Please view our Gallery Pages guide first if you have not uploaded images before.

Copies/duplicated images do not affect your plans Image Count.

Import/Copy from another Format page

  1. Go to the page where you want to copy an existing image to (or Create a New Page).

  2. Tap 'Add Item +'

  3. Tap 'Image'

  1. Tap 'Import' Add images from another Format page

Select Images to Import

  1. Tap 'Page Title' to select from your existing pages

  1. Page Title you are importing from

  2. View images as a List or Grid

  3. Tap individual thumbnails to select

  4. Tap to 'Import XX Images'

Images imported/copied to new page

  1. The image will be copied to the new page

  2. Save Changes

The original image will still exist. Iif you don't want it in two (or more places) delete from the unwanted location.

NOTE: Captions and Image Descriptions do not import from one Format page to another.

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