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Removing 'Back to Store' link

If you create a Custom Page and use Link Sets you will not want the 'Back to Store' link to appear on the Product Details page

  1. Back to Store link as it appears

  1. Tap 'Design'

  2. Tap 'Themes'

  3. Tap 'Advanced'

  4. Scroll down to Store > 'Show Back to Store Link' and disable

  1. Go to each Product Description field

  2. Manually add (copy and paste) a snippet of text like '< Back to Store' that can have a link added.

  3. Tap 'Link' icon that appears when text to link is selected

  1. Select 'Page'

  2. Tap 'Choose a page' dropdown

  3. Select the Page Title that you are using for your Store with Custom Pages and Link Sets

View Live Product

  1. How the '< Back to Store' link will appear on your live site.

Also see Using a Collection Page for organizing Store Products

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