What is the Site Build Service?

With Format Expert Site Building Service, you can upload your images, content and preferences for your site, and a Format Expert will build the foundation for your site. Our experts will build an initial draft of your site based on the details you provide in your form, as well as a round of edits based on your feedback. The service is limited to two rounds of edits.

After a site build is complete you can continue making adjustments to your site and updating your content any time, with the help of our support team when you need it!

This is a one-time service available on our Portfolio Pro Plus and Professional Bundle Annual plans. Members on student plans are not eligible for this service.

Please note :

  • There are no refunds after a Site Build Service has been completed.

  • A response can take up to 48–72 hours.

  • We make edits to your live site in real time. We are not able to save drafts of your site. Let us know if you want a site wide password for privacy during the process.

How to begin Site Build Service

Video overview

Start Site Building Service

  1. Login to your account. Upgrade to Portfolio Pro Plus Yearly or the Professional Bundle Yearly (if not already on this plan)

  2. Locate the Site Build Form in your Dashboard by tapping link in left hand side bar or tap the 'Start Working With an Expert' button (see above) Or tap here.

Fill out the Site Build Form questions, add your images and copy. You can add multiple gallery pages. Make sure to add any content you want added to your site by the Format Expert at this stage.

Submit when you have sufficiently filled out the form.

How does the Site Building Service process work?

  1. You fill out the Site Build Form.

  2. We make a first edit of the site build and reach out by email with a video walkthrough.

  3. You send us a complete list of revisions for the final edit.

  4. We execute your final edit and send you a message with tutorial videos on how to manage your site moving forward.

  5. Site Build is complete!

After the build is complete, We no longer offer manual changes to your site. However, you can reach out to the Format support team for guidance if you ever get stuck.


Who can access Format Expert Site Building Service?

Format members who are on a Portfolio Pro-Plus Annual or Professional Bundle Annual plan get this service free as part of their subscription. For more information on subscription pricing click here.

How do I communicate with a Format Expert about my Site Build?

Site Building Service is available Monday – Friday 9am–5pm EST. We provide correspondence through chat and email using info@format.com

What is included in the site build?



  • Gallery pages

  • About and Contact pages


  • User Experience and Site navigation

  • Typography and Color Scheme

  • Template selection and adjustment to best highlight your work.

Does Not Include:

  • Building a Store

  • Custom coding

  • SEO inputting

  • Ongoing manual maintenance past the final draft

  • More than two rounds of edits

  • On-Call support with the site builder

Have more questions? Reach out to the team here!

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