Edit Design from Client Galleries

  1. 'Edit Design' to access the Design > Themes > Advanced > Client Galleries area

Edit Client Galleries from Theme

  1. Tap 'Design'

  2. Tap 'Theme'

  3. Tap 'Advanced'

  4. Scroll downwards to Client Galleries area

  5. Tap '->' to expand and access all Client Galleries design options

  6. The in-app preview on the right will show the changes you have made

  7. 'Save Changes'

THEME options include:

  • Header Image Width (Default or Full Width)

  • Header Image Overlay Opacity (slider 0 to 100%)

  • Page Tile Border (on/off)

  • Thumbnail Size (Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large)

  • Thumbnail Layout (Grid, Square or Masonry)

  • Thumbnail Spacing (slider 0 to 100%)

  • Grid Style (Fixed or Flexible)

  • Button Border Radius (slider 0 to 100%)

  • Thumbnail Label Alignment (Left, Center or Right)

As you make changes the in-app preview will update

COLORS options include:

  • Button Text Color (tap color swatch to edit)

  • Page Title Color

  • Button Background Color

  • Button Border Color

  • Heading Image Overlay Color

  • Header Image Overlay Text Color

  • Thumbnail Label Color

TYPOGRAPHY options include:

  • Button Text Font (dropdown to select from Font Library)

  • Button Text Font Size (slider)

  • Header Image Overlay Text Font

  • Header Image Overlay Text Font Size

  • Header Image Overlay Text Line Height (slider)

  • Page Title Font

  • Page Title Font Size (slider)

  • Page Title Line Height (slider)

  • Thumbnail Label Font

  • Thumbnail Label Font Size

Live site view of client gallery

  1. Client Gallery name

  2. Hovering thumbnail shows a hollow star, tapping will 'favorite' and fill solid white

  3. Download image icon (download one image at a time, if enabled)

  4. Thumbnails that have been favorited will show solid white star at all times

  5. Download All button (if image downloading enabled)

  6. Image file name underneath (if enabled)

Lightbox viewer

When thumbnail has been tapped to enlarge

  1. Image number and file name (if enabled)

  2. Hovering image will display magnifying tool

  3. Magnifying tool

  4. Full screen view

  5. Close window

  6. Navigation arrow

  7. Favorite image

  8. Download image (if enabled)

Magnification zoom

  1. Tap on image and use 'hand' to reposition image zoom

  2. Zoom tool to reduce-to-fit

View favorites

  1. 'View X Favorites' button (where 'X' = number of images favorited)

  2. Any images that have been favorited with white solid star will be grouped


  1. Favorited images

  2. 'Show All Images'

  3. 'Download Favorites' (if enabled)

NB: Individual images can be downloaded to mobile devices but the 'Download Favorites' button generates a ZIPped file/s that are sent as download links via email. They can not be easily downloaded to mobile devices due to operating system technicalities beyond Format's control.

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