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Add a File to a File Transfer

  1. '+ Upload Files'

  2. Return 'Back to File Transfers' pane

  3. Send from 2GB to 10GB of files (depending on your plan) as a downloadable ZIP file. Files will automatically expire after one week.

  4. 'Send File Transfer' once images have been added and you are ready

  • Images of up to 100MB each can be uploaded

  • See our Workflow Supported File Types guide for what types of image files are accepted

  • You can not add files that area already compressed in a ZIP archive

We provide you with four ways of adding your image/s:

  1. Drag & Drop: select from the Finder/Explorer of your computer and drag onto the uploader to start automatically

  2. Upload Images: select images from your computer

  3. Import from another Format page: save time

  4. Import from Dropbox: connect to your Dropbox account and add any images directly

  1. Image upload status

  2. Progress indicator and message

  1. 'Delete' any image/s you do not want to send. There is no undo or way to recover an image once deleted.

  2. Total size of images used and available

  3. Tap 'Send File Transfer' in the top-right after the images have been imported.

Once a File Transfer has been sent, you can not add or delete images from this transfer.

You would need to create another File Transfer for sending further images for the same Client.

See our next guide: Sending a File Transfer

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