If you are a long time Format member and have been using Client Galleries as part of your process, you will soon notice a change in where this feature is located in your account.

Accessing Client Galleries

  1. Tap ‘Workflow’ in the left sidebar. The features for Portfolio will be hidden and the features for Workflow will be displayed.

  2. Tap 'Client Galleries'.

  3. Your existing Client Galleries will be available here.

To get the full benefit of Client Galleries with Workflow please view our help articles here.

What has changed:

The Client Gallery feature has now moved to the Workflow area in your sidebar. With that change we have also improved the feature and added *new* features!

There is now an improved sharing experience when a Client Gallery is associated with a Client.

  1. We record when the Client Gallery was shared on the Client activity page

  2. We automatically fill the share modal with email addresses of the contacts associated with the client

  3. You can organize multiple Client Galleries, File Transfers, Notes and Contacts under the same Client

  4. You can view recent activity on the Overview page

If you want to see more about how to utilize our new Client feature, check out our guide!

Workflow plan limits are based on total number of Client Galleries, and each individual gallery can have unlimited images.

We are now able to accept a larger range of image file types for Client Galleries, please see the Workflow Supported File Types guide.

What has stayed the same:

Client Gallery pages look and behave the same. Their appearance on the live website is still controlled by the styling of your site, managed in the Design Editor.

Client Gallery URLs have not changed.

You can still create, delete, and manage whether Client Galleries appear in your site menu from the Pages tab in your Portfolio.

You can still view a detailed activity log for individual Client Galleries in the Activity tab.

If you have any questions about these changes, don't hesitate to reach out using our chat!

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