Your client can review, digitally "sign", and return the contract.

Video overview

There are three ways to create a Contract:

1. From Documents panel

  1. Tap 'Workflow'

  2. Tap 'Documents'

  3. Tap 'New Contract'

2. From Clients panel (option 1)

  1. Tap 'Workflow'

  2. Tap 'Clients'

  3. Tap '+ Create New' button

  4. Tap 'Contract' from dropdown or

  5. Scroll down and tap 'Create New' under Documents panel

3. From Clients panel (option 2)

  1. Tap 'Workflow'

  2. Tap 'Clients'

  3. Scroll down and tap 'Create New' under Documents panel

  4. Tap 'Create New' text link or

  5. Tap 'New Contract' button

Add New Contract

  1. 'New Contract'

  2. Enter 'Contract Title'

  3. Assign to a Client

  4. Use dropdown to select from an existing Client) or

  5. Create a New Client

  6. Tap 'Add Contract'

Add Contract Details

  1. First and Last Name of your Client

  2. Email address, only one Email Address can be entered since only a single individual can sign the contract.

  3. Mailing Address (optional)

  4. Your Contact Information

  5. Enter your Contract details here

Contract Settings

  1. Contract Title can be changed

  2. Contract Password

  3. Client the contract belongs to

  4. Contract URL for viewing directly in web browser (non-editable)

  5. Save Changes

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