For Formisimo to track data there are some basic technical requirements your form should meet. If in doubt check this article, 'Is my form setup compatible with Formisimo?'. Formisimo works with 99% of all forms and checkouts, but it's worth making sure that you aren't in the 1%.

To start tracking your form you'll need to add some JavaScript code to your website. There are two pieces of code:

  1. Tracking code
  2. Conversion code

Follow the instructions below.

Tracking code:

<!-- Formisimo Tracking Code -->
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- End of Formisimo Tracking Code -->

The tracking code should be added to the page your form is on. For checkouts and multi-step forms the tracking code should be added to every page.

Put the code directly above the closing </body> tags on your page.

For example:

Conversion code:

<!-- Formisimo Conversion Tracking Code -->
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- End of Formisimo Conversion Tracking Code -->

The conversion code tracks form submissions and should be added to any page that follows submission of data.

Add it either:

  1. On a page that is only loaded if the form is completed successfully (including every succeeding page of a multi-step form or checkout process). An example of this is a Thank You page, or Order Confirmation page - the page that the user sees when the sale/enquiry is completed.

  2. Or within a part of the same page that a user only sees when they complete the form successfully e.g. a thank you message that pops up on the same page. We refer to this as dynamic. Get more instructions on dynamically loading the conversion code.

Always add the code before the closing </body> tag

For example:

Multi-step forms & checkouts

The Formisimo tracking code should be added to every page of the multi-step form/checkout, and the conversion code should be added to every step apart from the first. This is so that Formisimo can both track all interactions with each step and track movement between steps.

For example, in a four step checkout process:

Step 1 - Tracking Code

Step 2 - Conversion and Tracking code

for example:

Step 3 - Conversion and Tracking code

Step 4 - Conversion and Tracking code

Completion page - Conversion code

Alternatively, you can add the code via a Tag Manager (such as Google Tag Manager). Formisimo can also be paired with other tools; read about Plugins and Integrations.

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