TD Ameritrade Digital account opening is available via the use of Docusign. The account opening paperwork is prepared using the Advisor Portal. We use the client, account, and proposal information to pre-fill the FFI New Client Setup form and TD Ameritrade Account Application. The paperwork will first be delivered via email to you as the advisor to review and sign, and then sent to your client to review and sign. Once all signatures are completed a copy will automatically be sent to TD Ameritrade for processing. The Advisor Services Team will also be sent a copy to complete firm records.

  1. Login to the Advisor Portal
  2. Navigate to “Clients”
  3. Create a new Client or select an existing Client from the “Client List”
  4. Provide the required information: Name, Email, Total Household Networth and ID information.
    **We strongly recommend the completion of all fields in the Personal, Employment, Emergency Contact, and Finances sections as it streamlines the paperwork completion process.
  5. Navigate to “Accounts”
  6. Add “Risk Tolerance”
  7. Add the accounts the client would like to open digitally with TD Ameritrade
  8. Navigate to “Proposals”
  9. Create a new Digital Proposal with TD Ameritrade as the selected custodian
  10. Select “Open New Accounts”
    **If you do not see the “Open New Accounts” button please contact the Advisor Services Team (888-562-8880) for assistance.
  11. Select the proposal to be used for account opening.
    **The paperwork will be completed based on the selected proposal. Therefore, the allocation and fee entered during proposal creation will be applied to the paperwork and cannot be edited.
  12. Review the Client and Account information
    **The client email address provided will be the email address that receives the Docusign email.
  13. Add optional TD Ameritrade Transfer of Assets Forms.
    **You will be responsible for completing the Transfer of Assets form accurately.
  14. Check both boxes in the Agreements section
  15. Click “Submit” and “Yes, Send to Client”

Check your email (the email you use to login to the Advisor Portal) for the Docusign email.

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