Investment Tracker enables you to self-manage a view of chosen investments. It allows you to record holdings and transactions across asset types. Pricing for NZX and ASX assets is then updated on a 20 minutes-delayed basis. Other assets are recorded as Custom Assets (using pricing and other detail you provide) and the Investment Tracker gives an easy view of the assets you have chosen to record.

The following instructions include:

  • How to find Investment Tracker

  • How to Add transactions to Investment tracker

  • How to Edit items

  • How to Delete or Remove items

  • Other important things to know

How to find Investment Tracker

Log into the website using your client login details. Select Tools. Investment Tracker will appear in the dropdown after Watchlist. If you are using Investment Tracker on the mobile app, please read these instructions

How to Add transactions

To add assets to your investment tracker, select Add Transaction. A form will appear that will ask for the details of this transaction. You must complete these details: asset name, buy or sell, purchase price, the number of shares, and the date. It is optional to add in: transaction fees, and notes. Tip: Use this process to add a purchase or sale of assets.

Adding NZX or ASX assets

Investment Tracker is connected to an NZX and ASX Market data feed. Search for listed equities by name or asset ticker.

Other Assets

To add other assets that are not listed on the NZX or ASX, please select Other in the add transaction form. This option allows you to add any assets of your choice, such as term deposits, international equities, property, bonds or cash. These assets will be added to your investment tracker.

How to Edit items

Select the asset that you want to edit. This will take you to this individual asset's summary page. Select the edit icon for the transaction entry you wish to edit. A form will appear where you can change the details. Tip: you cannot edit the entry from Buy to Sell or vice versa. You will need to delete this entry and re-add the transaction entry.

How to delete or remove assets from Investment Tracker

If you have a transaction to delete from your Investment Tracker, follow the steps above to Edit the transaction.

In the Edit form select Delete Entry.

Alternatively, you can remove an asset from the tracker by adding a Sell entry that equals the volume of shares currently in your investment tracker for this asset.

Other helpful tips for Investment Tracker

  • Investment tracker is not connected to your Forsyth Barr holdings data. This is a tool that is completely customizable and managed by clients. Use it to track any assets you choose.

  • If you were a user of Portfolio Tool from the old Forsyth Barr website. You may find that your old data has been migrated across from the old tool. Please feel free to edit and update this data as you wish.

If you have questions or need help with this tool, please contact our web support team by email:

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