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Sets on Frame Set are an indispensable tool for filmmakers who want to keep their film projects organized, whether it's for pre-production or finding inspiration for a project. They allow you to add frames to specific collections based on your pre-production needs.

Keeping track of the progress of your project is essential, and Sets can help with that. Sets can be shared with collaborators and team members, which means that everyone involved can stay on the same page with the project's organization. For example, a director can share the Set with their cinematographer, and the cinematographer can add frames to the Set as they find frames that inspire them.

Overall, Sets on Frame Set are an incredibly useful tool for keeping film projects organized during pre-production. They are flexible, easy to use, and make collaboration simple. Whether you're a director, a cinematographer, colorist, or more, Sets on Frame Set can help you keep your pre-production projects on track and ensure that you stay up to date with everyone on your team.

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