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Avoid these mistakes
Avoid these mistakes

Learn how to avoid common mistakes before completing offers & surveys

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This article serves as a short checklist of things to avoid when completing offers on Happy earning!

Switching your device while you are in the process of completing an offer

We need to track your progress, switching phones will break the tracking.

To avoid this issue, please stick to the same device from starting to completing an offer. (e.g. when you are starting an offer that requires you to reach level 10 in a mobile game, don't use a different phone after reaching level 5 to complete the remaining levels).

Not finishing the offer within the given time limit

Offers usually come with a time limit to complete them any completions after the time limit has expired would no longer be classified as valid completions.

Whenever you are unable to spot a specific time limit inside the offer description we'd suggest assuming that you have 30 days to complete it.

Attempting to complete the offer on multiple sites

An offer provider will always know if you already completed the same offer on a different website due to their internal tracking.

If you already completed a certain offer on Freecash, you won't be able to complete the same offer on a different website and vice versa. Attempting to complete the same offer on different offerwalls within the same website will cause the same issue.

Using a VPN to complete offers on Freecash

Using a VPN to either complete offers or to access new offers that are meant for different locations is strictly prohibited and will get your account banned.

Enabling a VPN while you are in the process of completing an offer will most likely also cause tracking issues that will prevent the offer from crediting in the first place.

Having an AdBlock enabled

This won't always be an issue, but for the best experience on Freecash, we'd highly suggest that you turn off any AdBlocker that you may be using so it does not accidentally block any necessary tracking on the offer provider's end.

Not initiating the offer via Freecash directly

While this may sound obvious, it is mandatory to click the offer on Freecash directly to start the tracking progress - you cannot simply download the app or visit the advertiser's website and manually complete the task without ever clicking the offer on Freecash.

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