In order to offer reservations fairly, we restrict the number of reservations any one member can hold at one-time with our rolling reservations feature. This prevents hoarding and selfish behavior while giving all of our members a chance to enjoy quality time out on the water.

How It Works

Each member starts out with 4 rolling reservations to use. Once a boating trip is booked on Freedom's online reservation system or by our reservation specialists, the number of rolling reservations is subtracted by the amount used. For example, if you were to book an outing on Monday and Tuesday, you would subtract 2 rolling reservations from the 4 rolling reservations you originally started with and would be left with 2 reservations at your disposal (4 - 2 = 2).

Upon returning from your trip out on the water Monday evening, a new reservation would "roll" back into your account....hence the name rolling reservation. You would then have 3 rolling reservations to use and 1 pending reservation already booked for Tuesday (2 + 1 = 3).

Spur of the Moment Boating

In addition to the rolling reservations system, members can also use what we call "Spur of the Moment" boating. Simply put, if a member would like to see if there is boat availability the day of...they simply check the Quick List on our member website and/or reach out to the dock and our staff will gladly assist if there are any openings available This popular feature provides flexibility and is used by our members to get on the water without having the trip planned in advance.

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