Freedom Boat Club of Tampa Bay offers a whole DIFFERENT way to access the boating life. Rather than tie up a lot of money in a single boat that depreciates faster than a car, why not join the Club, share the costs, have access to a variety of boats, and eliminate the need for a trailer (and long lines at the boat ramp) and save thousands? Moreover, we'll do the negatives of boating for you (maintenance, repairs, storage, insurance, etc.) while you enjoy the positives along with valet service on the docks. What's not to love?!

Let's run a quick cost analysis looking at our flagship - the 23' Sea Fox Commander:

Boat Ownership:

Purchase Price Retail: $70,000

Loan terms: 20% down with a 5% loan over 10 years.

Downpayment: $14,000

Monthly: $594

Freedom Boat Club Membership:

Downpayment for Port & Starboard Plan (without any discounts) = $5,900.

Monthly = $199

When you add in maintenance, repairs, storage, and insurance...

You'll save over $22k over 3 years & $55k+ over 10 years with no repair surprises. More than that, we'll keep you in new boats all 10 years as each year we renew 1/3 of the fleet!

You'll find, as thousands of others have found in the Tampa area, Freedom Boat Club of Greater Tampa Bay is the best value for the dollar.

The Port & Starboard Option: Our Newly Designed Boating Plan!

  • Higher Accessibility Rates & Lower Prices just in time for Summer. We've created two boating groups to alleviate accessibility issues and cut down on wait times while also providing a higher quality product for our members. Group “Port” can make a planned reservation on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays while group “Starboard” can make planned reservations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

  • Members get 6 "Off-Day" reservations per calendar year

  • Usage at any of our 31+ locations across the Greater Tampa Bay area along with the choice of over 550 vessels

  • Unlimited 'Day Of' boating. You can still take a boat out on ANY day, just call your desired dock or book online

  • 4 Rolling reservations.

  • Reciprocal Usage: Access to over 240+ Freedom Boat Club locations nationwide at no extra cost

  • The first month is FREE!

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