Welcome to Cyberboating with Captain Dean!

Due to its inherent danger, the boating community has always been one of mutual support. With so many new boaters on the water recently, "CyberBoating with Capt. Dean" is being offered as an opportunity to pick up some tips and tricks to make your day on the water run more smoothly, find some new places to safely explore, and to enhance your boating skills.

Capt. Dean is our Senior Training Captain and is a wealth of boating knowledge and experience. You'll enjoy his adventures! Every week, you'll receive a new short video or article designed to give you ideas for future boating adventures and flame your passion for boating.

I hope you enjoy them and we welcome your feedback! Our social media platforms are there to make it easy for you to leave a tip of your own, a memory, a thought, or a question. Just tag us with @FreedomBoatClubTampaBay. Your feedback helps build our boating community!

P.S. You can also take a drone tour of any of our 33+ dock locations around West Central Florida at any time by clicking here. Just scroll down the page and you'll see the drone tours.

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