First, be sure that you cover all of the topics required to finish the class! Your class time is not complete unless you have covered all of the required topics listed on your dashboard. If you only have a few hours of platform access left, be sure to save those hours for the topics you have remaining!

Shortly after completing the course, you will receive an email letting you know that your certificate is ready, and the system will allow you to download and print your education certificate and the PSI candidate bulletin containing all of the test information and paperwork from your dashboard.

PSI requires you to apply to take the exam before signing up. This means that you need to complete all of their paperwork (CORI form, references, etc.), submit everything by email or mail, and after PSI does a review of the paperwork and runs a CORI check you will be approved to take the test.

Once you are approved, you can sign up for the test here

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