According to page 11 of PSI's candidate bulletin candidates are required to bring two (2) forms of valid (non-expired) signature bearing identification to the test site.

PRIMARY IDENTIFICATION (with photo) – They must choose One

▪ Government issued driver’s U.S. Department of State Driver’s License

▪ U.S. Learner’s Permit (plastic card only with photo and signature)

▪ National/State/Country Identification Card

▪ US Government Issued Passport or Passport Card

▪ US Government Issued Military Identification Card

▪ US Government Issued Military Identification Card for spouses and dependents

▪ US Government Issued Alien Registration Card (Green Card, Permanent Resident Visa)

NOTE: ID must contain candidate’s photo, be valid and unexpired.


▪ Credit/Debit Card (must be signed)

▪ Social Security Card

▪ Any form of ID on the Primary list

NOTE: Student ID and employment ID are NOT acceptable forms of identification.

NOTE: Candidates not presenting the appropriate identification or if the identification does not match exactly the registration information provided will be denied admission to the test center and will forfeit their examination fee.

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